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We accept Mobile money payments and card payments for services rendered to our clients. We encrypt your data to ensure we keep you safe in an online world. You will be exoected to renew your services as adviced and necessary support with instructions will be emailed to you or accessible from our clients portal
Incase you need a reversal on a transaction, you will be expected to provide the invoice details (Number) and service details you were making payment to and email that information to us. We will then review the details and either approve or decline your reversal request depending on the data provided as per our terms and conditions.
Our softwares and apps sent sms to users upon certain requests and operations done. You are expected to login to your client's portal and enter the number of SMS that you would like, a billing amount will then be generated and once you make the payment, you are good to go. It's easy,fast,reliable and affordable.
No. Different countries have different tariffs and thus cannot be charged the same way. We support SMS services in 100+ countries making you enjoy the full features of reaching your clients anywhere in the globe.

We have placed all the necessary measures in ensuring that we keep you and your data safe. We encrypt your data and requests sent to our API to make requests safe and we provide callbacks on requests incase a request fails, we will notify you so that you can review it can be retried automatically on the App.

We provide a secure payment gateway to our clients and might change this if need be. We ensure to keep you updated with the latest technologies available.

Login to your client's portal and select withdrawals from the side menu. You will see a list of all withdrawals that have been made from your account to your bank or to your MPESA account.

Click on make withdrawal, Enter the amount you wish to withdraw, choose whether you want to withdraw to your bank account or to your MPESA account and make the request. You will get notified within seconds on the status on your request.

If you need custom updates i one of our softwares, websites, mobile apps, desktop apps or API services, just email us with the updates or features that you want in place. We will reply to you within 24-hours and depending on the type of updates, a billing might be charged to incorporate the updates.

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Ziscotech Global.
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Business Hours

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What do we do?

Web Development

We build you a custom website to suit your business and provide you with the necessary payment and marketing tools you need.

Mobile Apps

Get cross-platform apps than will run on both Android and Ios to have that direct touvh with your customers

Software Development

We provide softwares that manage institutions, businesses and data to bring efficiency and optimization in your business

API creation

Worry no more about delays as a result of many clients. Our API's are here to help you offload the bulk operations

Web & API hosting

We host your web service on dedicated servers to ensure you are 24/7 online. Reliability is our priority.

SMS services

Communicate with your customers and send sms's across the globe with our easy to use and fast API


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