About us

We are focused on ensuring that we provide solutions affecting people through technology. This journey consists of passion and we do the hard-work for you in ensuring we provide the best platform to suit your firm.

Softwares and Apps without constant updates are considered dead, thats why we, at Ziscotech Global ensure that we provide constant updates to our users so that we can keep them up-to date with the latest features.

Do you have a problem managing payments or accountability issues? Worry no more, We have integrated payment API's that will ensure you have every trace of every transaction that happened at your own convenience providing backups to ensure that you have No data-loss

Get custom websites, Web, Desktop and Mobile apps to suit your business/venture. At Ziscotech Global, we believe in working together to take you to the next level.

Our Approach

Our passion and commitment towards transforming lives through technology keeps us moving to ensure that we NOT only try to make things and operations easier for you but also provide that conducive environment for you to do business.

We come up with unique concepts to ensure that you stand out from other brands out there and its the difference that you make that will actually count.

Depending on your functionalties and custom platform, we speed up operations to make sure that you are up and running in 2 months tops. This keeps the cycle moving and the adrenaline pumping to give you that new touch in your business

Support is one of the most important departments in our team and we ensure we provide immediate support to our clients. Support is available 24/7 all days and it is absolutely Free so you don't have to worry about that. Ziscotech Global has got your back.

What do we do?

Web Development

We build you a custom website to suit your business and provide you with the necessary payment and marketing tools you need.

Mobile Apps

Get cross-platform apps than will run on both Android and Ios to have that direct touvh with your customers

Software Development

We provide softwares that manage institutions, businesses and data to bring efficiency and optimization in your business

API creation

Worry no more about delays as a result of many clients. Our API's are here to help you offload the bulk operations

Web & API hosting

We host your web service on dedicated servers to ensure you are 24/7 online. Reliability is our priority.

SMS services

Communicate with your customers and send sms's across the globe with our easy to use and fast API


Social Media